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What's your value(s)?

At the Second Tuesday Club we had fourteen ladies talking values. Laura Todd, a local life coach helped make the first meeting a success. She presented a mini values workshop encouraging us to decide what is truly important to our hearts. I found it exciting and a bit scary. I wasn't the only one. It is scary to shake up our approach the world. Defining our values does just that.

We all play roles as friends, parents, employees or life partners. Defining our values forces us to look inward through a different lens. Our personal values hide deep inside waiting for us to speak, or even better, sing them out loud. They are not easy to define and hard to share.

There is some archeology to the process. It is necessary to sweep away the dust of everyday expectation and move through some heavy fear.

We went around the room sharing our inner selves. I watched each woman pass through a little shyness and fear to share her values bravely. It was lovely.

What came up for us?

A sense of awe... Belonging/Family... Fairness/Equality... Community... Achievement... Spirituality... Perseverance...

Laura asked two things of us.

  1. Pay attention to your values.

  2. Notice where we are living in alignment with them.

Do you align with your values?

  • Yes way!!!

  • Nope, I don't have time.

  • I try but life gets in the way.

Thank you to Laura!

Laura Todd Coaching, Bellingham WA

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