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Taj, you did not disappoint…

News flash! I followed all the advice for the trip to the Taj Mahal! With help from my friend and travel buddy Cecilia, gathered advice from friends, guide books and the blogging community I found these suggestions:

  1. Book online previous to arrival.

  2. Get there early, before sunrise.

  3. Remember your passport!

  4. Hire a tour guide.

  5. Spend at least two hours.

And we actually did all the things!

Cecilia booked tickets the night before. We got up and moving by 0 dark 30 and left our hotel well before sunrise as people line up early. On arrival several guides offered to help. We picked Deepa, a local 2nd generation tour guide.

He helped us get checked in, gather our tickets, shoe coverings and water bottles then qued us up. He was informative, pleasant and patient and took 5000 photos of us all for 2500 rupees/ about $30 US.

In line, we had a nice chat with a mother and daughter Michigan. They were visiting for a family wedding. So fun! I was a bit jealous. Indian weddings are two days long and famous for being a big party. So fun to hear about the big day.

When the line finally moved it felt like an airport 'light'. Metal detectors and armed guards check you through.

After all of the hassle, we arrived blurry-eyed to this...

amazing right?

(I am happy this picture exists but feel as though someone padded my shirt. )😲 Moving on.

I expected the Taj Mahal to be great. I didn't expect to be awed despite the crowds, hassle and heat.

But it is a wonder.

Also I touched it. Not kidding. You can touch one of the seven wonders of the world. I did it!! Check out the detail

Fun fact there is no paint The entire building is marble with semi precious inlays! Here's my hand on the Taj Mahal ⬇️ 🤯

The Taj is amazing and I'm so grateful for this trip. I considered telling a funny side story about the crummy hotel but in the end...

Who cares? Because Taj Mahal.

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I knew it would get better :)

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