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The mountains were calling…

A few days ago we traded the beach for the mountains. For a minute, I regretted the decision.

The beach was supposed to be a respite in the middle of a challenging first trip to India. We were there to relax. We booked a place off the beaten path and landed in the small village of Colva. Except Colva is not very sleepy. It bustles with tourists and locals trying to make a buck off the tourists.

The small main road is packed with vendors. I posted this pictures few days ago. It is untouched and the view was pretty. What it doesn't show is the mother of two children who ate here with money begged from tourists and was hurried off when she finished.

It lacks the dogs wandering the beach and in busy traffic. And it lacks the noise, dust and general malaise. There were several older couples who seemed happy in a small personal. bubble.

If I were to guess they retired long ago and came to stretch their pensions in a warm place. For them, Colva might just be paradise.

For me, the town felt like a a weight I wanted to put down.

So, we picked up our things and took a morning flight to end up McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala.

The Dalaï Lama lives just down the road. He is in town but not doing teachings. Unfortunately, the next time he is available will be a week after I'm home.

According to his website, he met with a group of university heads from the US as well as MLK's grandson yesterday. Needless to say, in VIP territory.

In just a few days, my soul has calmed. I've had the best coffee since arriving in India and I think my lungs have purged some of the Delhi smog.

Also there are monkeys. Very entertaining although I have a healthy fear of close contact. We're off to meditate this morning. Stay tuned and namaste.

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