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Get outside this fall.

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful and green year round. We get about 150 rainy days a year and showers can last most of the day. That makes it hard to get outside. Sometimes, I'd rather stay in my pajamas near the fire.

To motivate myself, I'll go out with my pup and hunt for pretty things. Here are my pictures from yesterday's jaunt on Chuckanut Mountain. My dog and I were lucky to find a sunny break.

Here are some ideas for your own outside adventures....

Do you live in a city? Try walking to lunch or brunch with a friend. You can even Uber or bus back home.

Do you live far from a trail? Play tourist in your own spot. Try looking on social for a touristy destination and check it out yourself.

Shopping your thing? Find an open air mall, put on your snow or rain gear and do some retail therapy.

The cold seasons can be long. The more I go outside, the shorter it seems. I invite you to get outside and enjoy.

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