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Declutter part 1...PLANNING

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Life is overwhelming; cleaning and organizing is the last thing most of us want to do. It is so difficult to get started. To make things worse, clutter grows in chaos. That dirty laundry from last week is now under a new layer of workout clothes and that drawer in the kitchen? Still full. I'm not saying the drawer needs to be tackled today but...

Starting to work on the clutter in your room can do wonders for your health and happiness.

I'd like to help you get started.


30 minutes (and a cup of coffee)

Having a clear vision will help things go fast. The goal here is to decide on how your room should look. Take some time to daydream a bit. Get a cup of coffee and sit down in your room and look around. Be sure to sit or stand in different parts of the room.

In your bedroom, get into bed and think about what you want to see first thing. In a living room lounge on the falling asleep.

Scan the room. What fits in your dream room? What doesn’t? Make some notes and do a search online or in some magazines. Pretend you’re a designer shopping for a client. Browse through a favorite home store or website for ideas. Do a visual search for your dream room. Search for items by feel. Example— ‘relaxing bedroom’ or ‘spa like bath’ It’s your space.

Next, take some sticky notes and tag items with 'keep it' or 'nope'.

Take a bit more time and finish your coffee. You did it! You've started on a decluttering journey. You can polish up your plan today. If you're inspired, get started by taking out anything that obviously doesn't belong. Or, wait until tomorrow I'll post the next step in your journey to less clutter and more happiness.

Need a hand with decluttering?

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