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Declutter Part 2...SET UP FOR SUCCESS

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Starting is the hard part and you've already done that! You've picked a room to start on and decided how you want it to look once you're finished. Now that you have a clear picture do the easy part.

Next, set yourself up for success. If you’re in the bedroom, make your bed with clean linens. Place an old sheet over it for protection. A folding table will work in other rooms. This makes a clean surface for sorting later.

Set up three to four containers (boxes, totes, bags or bins will do) to sort your belongings into.

Do a Clean Sweep

20-45 minutes

The goal: take out items that definitely belong elsewhere. Remember your sticky notes? Put your 'nope' items in the TOSS or DONATE bin.

Clear the floor. Place laundry in the hamper, throw away any garbage. Put items you plan to keep in a keep bin, on the table or bed if they don’t have a designated place. Put away anything that has a good home.


Plan where you'd like to put things in advance.
Place items in groups categorized by type.
That way, you'll know...
how much storage space you'll need.

Step 2 is done. Now that you've cleared away the excess you're ready for Part 3- Decide What Stays. See you next post!

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