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Emotions and Clutter

I believe that decluttering is emotional and it's easy to freeze up and do nothing. When a room gets out of control it's worth getting to work. Clutter is taking up space and energy in your home. When you move or clear away objects, emotions are right there waiting.

An untidy or crowded space holds down good and bad energy. An old bag with divorce paperwork in the corner holds grief from a lost relationship and those unopened shipments holds the guilt of overspending. The objects in closets or under the bed hold us hostage in a moment. Decluttering frees up and helps energy move in your room and in your head.

Done right, rearranging and removing excess can elevate a space. Take our porch as an example. It was a dumping ground for some magazines and a few garden items that didn't make it to a dumpster. I spent a few days clearing the space, a good clean and paint job. It was a spider haven (right). Now, it's one of our favorite places to sit.

Decluttering is not about getting rid of everything. Uncovering a personal treasure can be wonderful. I love holding my Dad's pocket knife or making tea in my Mom's teapot. They've both passed and it helps me feel close to them. I keep both items and their energy in my daily living space.

Decluttering creates more pleasant and energetic spaces. When a space is cleared, there is a noticeable change in the room. It's easier to move and it just feels better.

You can make a difference in your space today! Set a timer for 15 minutes and try one of these mini declutters.

  1. Go through a junk drawer.

  2. Recycle some of the magazines you're done with.

  3. Sort your socks and undies. Find and toss any with holes.

  4. Sort some containers. Recycle anything that doesn't have a matching lid.

  5. Go through one handful of paperwork.

Happy decluttering to you!

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