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Declutter Part 5 GET IT OUT!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

You did it! You decluttered your space. But now you have a big pile of stuff you don't want, or can't, use. What next? It's time to move it out of your space.

Before you do, there's one more sort. Decide if it's nice enough to give to a friend or sell? Can it be donated? Or is it garbage?

Within the first week: stage outgoing clutter for sale or donation and throw away the garbage. If you can't move it out then place items in the garage or in an UNUSED space. Work toward finishing this step within a week otherwise, your items will become clutter in a new part of your home.

Place smaller items and boxes meant for donation in your car. I know, you don't wan to drive around with junk. But, with your donations loaded, it's that much easier to drop them off. Also, it makes it hard to forget your junk when it's in your trunk.

Next, let's talk about items good enough to pass along. You have options!

Option 1: Give your stuff to friends!

Loads of used items and clothes can be used and loved by your circle of friends. Put the word out on social or invite a few people for a peek at your unwanted items. Remember, one person's 'toss it' pile is another person's treasure. One thought here; don't force or gift anything...Your cast off pile may not appeal to your friend.

Option 2: Sell your stuff!

If you want to sell online...Decide where to sell your items.

ebay is easy to set up and can be used for a variety of items.

Check out this article on Jungle Scout for a step by step. As the author says, "...if you can name it, it’s probably currently listed on eBay. Sell your old electronics, video games, shoes, clothing, furniture, toys, books, loose legos, board games, sporting goods—just about anything used."

Collectibles such as rare coins, watches, and vintage toys and vintage items (think records and VHS tapes) are also common on eBay.

FYI, I love the idea of selling VHS tapes.

Facebook Marketplace is good for larger items and home goods.

You can find local buyers saving you trying to ship large items. Not convinced you can sell it? A friend just sold a new toilet that didn't work in a bathroom remodel. Yep, you heard that right... a toilet!

Facebook gives you the advantage of checking out your buyer. Stalk much? I'm just saying it's nice to see someone before they show up on your doorstep. Or, just do a quick shout out on social. I sold a mixer to a work buddy on Facebook in an hour.

Craig's List, neighborhood or work classified ads are good alternatives if you're not on social sites.

Some tips to sell your items quickly...

  • Regardless of where you're selling an item, start with a thorough cleaning.

  • Gather your items in an UNUSED area and organize by type.

  • Take pictures of each item in a WELL LIT, CLEAN BACKGROUND. An inexpensive poster board or white sheet will work.

  • Be sure to take close ups of any damage and note them on the item description.

  • Check out more basic photography tips here.

Don't wait too long to start...Go ahead and post at least one item within a week. Worse case, if something doesn't sell you can donate or trash it. Best case, you make some money... honey!

Option 3: Donate or Recycle the Rest!

There are tons of non-profits that would love your stuff. Did you know, many donation sites are drive throughs? Some organizations even have pick up services in larger cities! Clean any soiled items.


Almost all types of common electronics can be at least partially recycled, since they’re made largely of metal. Search the EPA website for more information. Here's a short list of items that can (usually) be recycled.

  • Cell phones, computers, tablets,

  • printers, scanners,

  • televisions,

  • cameras, audio and video equipment,

  • power tools,

  • lamps and

  • appliances such as microwaves, toasters and ovens

Donate clothes, houseware, sports equipment, toys and books.

Don't worry about sorting through items. Most sites will take clean items. Anything deemed useless is baled and sold in bulk. These sites take most items.

  • The Salvation Army

  • The Goodwill

  • One Warm Coat

  • Vietnam Vets of America Pick Up Please

  • Your church likely has a donation bin. If it doesn't, start one! It will warm your heart.

  • Women's shelters (bras, diapers and children's clothes and purses are often needed).

  • Local homeless shelters can always use coats or old camping equipment.

You can donate building materials too!

Do you have cabinets or bits and pieces from an old renovation? Old paint, knobs or carpeting?

Materials recyclers take loads of items such as cabinets, shingles, fasteners, paint, tiles, tubs, toilets and more...

Habitat for Humanity has local donation sites.

Some recyclers give credit for items. We donated old cabinets and wood odds and ends to our local recycler, the Re-store. I used the credit for some beautiful ceramic, azure blue roof tiles. I used them to edge my herb garden bed.

A few more thoughts...

Transporting larger items out of your space can be tricky. If you're selling a large item, insist that your buyer pick it up. This could limit sales but people figure out how to do something if they want it bad enough.

For larger donation and trash items, line up a friend's truck for a 'donate and dump' run. Pay for the gas and extra trash costs for anything they want to get rid of. Or make or buy them dinner. You'll be surprised how many people say, 'yes' to your request. Honestly, lots of folks want to help.

Last step...

Pat yourself on the back, enjoy your clean and relaxing space. You've earned it!

Need a hand with decluttering?

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