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Spritual? Art Journaling

I've been changing what it is I want to do for the "16th time" according to a reliable friend. It's a fair assessment. I know I'd like to help and connect with people. I'm interested in being creative and would love to work for myself. During my 16 transformations, I kept looking for projects that fill my soul. Well, I'd like to share one of them. I started a mini project that feels more like a beginning.

Week before last, I walked and talked with with my friend. She mentioned she's journaling three pages each morning in the spirit of the 1992 self-help book The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by author Julia Cameron. One of the big takeaways Cameron suggests is writing three pages first thing in the morning without thinking. The goal is to clear your mind and tap into your creativity and clarify thoughts.

I was familiar with the idea but didn't feel drawn to the process. But... I have been watercolor painting. I put a twist on the suggestion and started painting each day and writing down some of my thoughts. It's working...

Here are a few of my art journal entries.

Check out the rest (so far) on my Instagram .

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