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What menu are you using?

Jenny Blake, of Free Time was brainstorming with host Jonathon Fields on the Sparked podcast. She quoted this line from a book:

"In what part of your life are you ordering off an old menu?" -unknown

Simply put, are you are you doing what's expected? Or what you actually want? Replaying the old tapes or recording new memories? Are you just continuing a 'good' job, a relationship that's 'fine', or staying in place because it's easier than moving on? If you answered yes, ask yourself: Is what you're doing serving you? Most importantly...are you happy?

When I ask myself that question, I hear my own doubts saying, "just calm down killer...keep making a living and do something on the side" I also hear my late mother worrying about me. She's worrying, her face scrunched up and saying "don't quit your job!" well before asking anything about my idea.

I've always wanted to try things, reach out in the world. I've traveled solo extensively, taught English in South Korea, slung fish in Alaska, sold retail and my favorite a barista. Some of those jobs sucked, I don't suggest the fish bit. Also, being a barista is my favorite all time job.

Trying new things was partly inspired by my uncle. Unlike my very dependable 9-5 home at six every night father, Uncle Alfie was a very rough around the edges bachelor until he passed away. He did a bit of everything: commercial fishing, spec house building, buying land and farming. He made good bit of money and even baked his own bread. I admired his independence.

He told my mom I was smart, I'm not sure she believed him. When it came time to go off on my own I was told to tow the line, get a job and stick to it. At one point, my mother said just become a secretary or a nurse.

So I did. I've been in nursing for 20 years. Nursing never felt like it was the job I was supposed to do. Side note, Mom really had no idea what the job of nursing really involved. I'm sure she'd be horrified over half the time. I'd like to quit my job and be an independent business owner.

So what's my problem? I'm still ordering off the old menu. Nursing is comfortable. I make enough money, I have a job people admire, nice nurse buddies and some flexibility with time. I would disappoint my late mother and it's fine.

And?... 'fine' isn't enough; I want the special menu!

For me, I've always felt there was something else calling. I sat in that feeling quite a bit when COVID hit. In that downtime, I realized I enjoy listening and helping people work out what has them stuck. I love helping people declutter, sort clothes or get started on a pathway to fitness.

I started on my new path in 2021. I certified as a health coach. Next year, I'm setting a goal to work my way out of nursing and into my passion. I'm ready to help people find their passion, break out of a rut and find new energy. I'm ready for my special menu.

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