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Terrible at meditation?

Love the idea of meditation but struggle making a practice? Me too. Meditation seems so lovely from afar. When I imagine meditation, I'm sitting quietly in crossed legs. There's incense and a quiet space and I of course expected inner peace on day one.

My reality is often sitting for a minute or two, overthinking and squirming. In spite of that I've included a one minute daily meditation in a 6 week personal challenge. I thought one minute daily seemed like an easy goal, but I was having a hard time making it happen.

My goal of meditate for 1 min each night in bed before I sleep wasn't working because of two barriers: time and form.

Instead of throwing in the towel, I got flexible. I changed how and when I meditate.

The TIME barrier was I'd fall into bed, get settled and realize I hadn’t meditated. I decided to modify my goal anytime daily.

FORM of mediation was my second barrier. Sitting quietly doesn't work well for me either. Life and often my dog, get in the way. Here we are trying some yoga. You can imagine his meditation 'help'.

To solve the how problem, I've allowed myself multiple options. I now use one of three forms of meditation between my watch and phone: simple breathing, emotional freedom tapping (EFT) and basic meditation. Using apps and my watch means easy access anytime. Here's my mindful line up.

For a quick minute...

Mindfulness is the easiest. It’s a free app on the Apple watch. A new update gives an option for a mindfulness minute or a breathing exercise. You just breathe in when the digital flower expands, out when it contracts. A digital flower that expands and contracts and cues you to breathe along. It's a quick and easy meditation. Very relaxing and easy to complete.

when I have a few minutes...

The Tapping Solution has a "...mission is to empower the world to live a happier life by reducing the amount of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm experienced on a daily basis." Tapping Solution is a series of tapping meditation. Instead of sitting still, you begin by tapping the side of your hand. An intention is set and you follow a series of tapping around your face, collar bones, side and top of head. It’s feels odd at first but is really effective for stress relief and moving past over thinking. EFT really helped me relax through the stress of the holidays. The app is great but here's a free video to try.

or trouble falling asleep...

Calm is great if you’re laying in bed and trying to sleep. It has sleep stories, guided meditations and relaxing music choices. There are plenty of narrators to choose from. The app also has basic how to meditate courses so it's a great choice for trying out a traditional meditation practice.

My new goal is meditate once a day, no how or when constraints. By staying flexible, I managed to remove some barriers and get on track. I meditate most days although it's often just a minute of simple breathing. I do feel a bit lighter but, will let you know when I'm enlightened.

Signing off to meditate!

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