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Everyone Wins with Self Care

Last night's Second Tuesday Club meeting went great. We all came in our pj's, shared successes, upcoming plans and talked about self care.

Funny thing, I almost changed plans when I mentioned the theme to a friend. She said, "doesn't everyone know about self care?" I said, "yes...but no." Everyone knows how to take care of themselves and google turns up a hundred how to lists come up but not everyone does it. Self care often falls to the wayside when life gets tough, exactly when we need it. Good habits such as drinking water, exfoliating, moisturizing and eating well all seem like easy steps and they are. So, why aren't we doing them?

I think we don't value ourselves enough. Self care requires us to put ourselves first and ignore the demands of life. Kids, dogs, jobs and partners will always be there asking for your time and it's easy to put others first. When you put other people first, no one is upset and you look like a good mom, friend, partner, employee... And you have a great excuse; you tell yourself "I don't have time".

But you do have time. With the exception of tiny babies and full bladdered puppies, a few minutes doesn't make a big difference to anyone but you. Taking care of yourself gives you the energy and patience to be a better you.

Dear reader, we both know you have a few minutes for self care. In case you need to hear this: I value you enough to say take some time for you.

Try some of the Second Tuesday Club's Self Care Ideas

Drink a glass of water in the morning.

Exercise outside for 5 minutes a day.

Say 'no' a bit more to support your needs.

Say 'yes' to things that fill your soul.

Commit to an evening skin care routine.

Practice good sleep hygiene (reasonable bedtime, no falling asleep on the couch, cool bedroom).

Let your house be messy for a hot minute. (Dishes can wait for 5 minutes while you go for a walk)

Get a massage.

Limit alcohol.

Add in some healthy food choices.

Self care is all about taking care of yourself and bonus! Everyone wins, you're a better you and will be left with more energy for others. I hope this helps you enjoy something just for you. ❤️

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