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Make your day a little easier...

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

A clean and clear space is more relaxing and easier to work in. The same goes for your daily routine. With a few easy steps, you can make your day better. At the very least it will be easier.

Each step clears away some of the frustration by removing obstacles. Try some of these easy ideas...

First, avoid the big search....

Obstacle: Time is lost looking for everyday items.

It's easy to misplace items when you're tired from a long day. Instead of dropping items in the first convenient spot, try creating a place for the items you need everyday.

  • Make a daily bag that includes work/day necessities. (I have an ID for work. It lives in my work bag with pens and a pair of work dedicated glasses.)

  • Charge your phone near your keys before you go to bed.

  • Place hats, scarves, shoes and coats in the same area.

  • Want to exercise more? Create a workout bag. Or just put workout shoes and gear in a dedicated and easy to see place.

Get up 15 minutes earlier...

Obstacle: Lack of time in the morning.

Don't snooze your alarm and get up a tiny bit earlier. Consider this before you say no: 15 minutes will not change your day. It may in fact give you just enough breathing room to have a better day.

Why do it? Just think of some possibilities...

Solo coffee time...You can have the first shower....First dog snuggles...15 minutes to shop...Be the first to use the clean kitchen....Quiet time.

Plan your day before you get out of bed...

Obstacle: The day is out of control before you start.

Before you get out of bed, take a few minutes to stretch and set an intention. Visualize your day going well and imagine the direction of your day.

Decide on a daily mantra. Think...

"Today I'm going to have a good day. I will be kind to myself. (This task or event) will go well."


I can do hard things. Even though today will be tough, I'll get through it. Think of all the things I've completed so far.

Say it out loud a few times.

Make a list....

Obstacle: Trouble getting important tasks done.

I used to hate lists. I thought they were nerdy. I still think they're nerdy but in a good way. A list helps me organize my priorities. A list doesn't have to be fancy or organized. Use a note pad or envelopes from bills. Write down the must do's for the day. That can include dates with friends, groceries, chores or work tasks. Make a little box in front of each item and check off as you go.

All done? Great job! Go out and enjoy the day. I know it will be a good one.

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