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Is a long layover worth it?

I'm currently midway through a loooong layover at London Heathrow. I think Heathrow might be an ideal transition from my quiet Pacific Northwest town to Delhi. The airport is packed and it's hard to find a place to rest unless you pay for a lounge or squirrel yourself into a corner of a cafe. I'm on hour 6 have a few more to go.

I opted for a lounge. I've enjoyed cucumber water, salad, an extremely small muffin and a cappuccino. My feet are up which is good as my ankles are fluffy from the flight.

As you can see i have given into socks and sandals. It's not my fashion choice but I do think it's a strong choice for this journey.

Tomorrow morning I'll be in Delhi! As I sit here, I wonder if it would have been better to push through to Delhi in one go. I imagined that this stop would give me a way to ease into the time change and keep my head on straight. So far I think it's working or is it?

Traveling over 27 hours isn't ideal but i was afraid to arrive in Delhi shattered from a super long flight.

Stay tuned I might be mush or my diabolical plan just might work out. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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