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Feeling stuck? Get quiet.

Even typical life stressors can add up; family, your job and money are the big three. But factor in some drama at work, a sick kid, a new creative project or just trying to change something and life can get overwhelming. When life gets too much, try getting quiet. Let go of a few 'should' for a day. Maybe the laundry can wait 24 hrs or you allow yourself to cancel a date. For the record, I'm positive the laundry won't care. Take some time and pause. Get quiet and listen to what your body is telling you.

Do you need some rest? Go to bed early. Whole 30 guru Melissa Hartwig Urban suggests going to bed 'toddler early'. Try it. You don't have to sleep. Snuggle in with a book and some tea. Listen to some music or watch a movie on your laptop. Relax yourself right into an early.

The next morning might seem a bit easier. You can try some mini breaks to keep your stress down and mood on the upswing. Take 5 minutes off. Find a quiet corner, set a timer and just breathe. You'll be surprised how refreshed you'll feel. Best part? No one will even know you were gone.

Having trouble finding time to yourself? Are the kids, significant other, dogs, neighbors, boss and aging parents a little too near all the time? Try having a super solo lunch. Find that quiet corner. A friend of mine goes out to her car for lunch. Too cold outside? Move a chair close to a window and enjoy the sun from inside. Then, enjoy a delicious, solo lunch. Listen to your favorite tunes. Be sure to hum so no one will sit next to you. You'll feel refreshed and might find that one special person a little less annoying.

Getting away seems hard. I bet we've all felt like running away? Instead, try a walking for 5 minutes outdoors. That's it. Just 5 minutes but while you're there just take some easy breaths and don't feel that you need to speak to anyone. Give yourself permission to tap out and enjoy your own thoughts.

We all live in a fast world with information constantly filling our brains. It's easy to get overwhelmed and need to take a break. Since many of us get too busy to stop and smell the roses, just pause. Take a walk a solo lunch or just breathe for a minute or two. Just get quiet.

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