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Declutter part 4...PUT IT BACK TOGETHER

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

We're building on your success today. It's time to PUT IT BACK TOGETHER. In part three you placed items into like piles on a table, clean floor or your bed. Let's put those lovely piles away. If your storage spaces are full, try to clear some space. You can go through the keep, sort and throw away steps.

The goal is an organized room without 'visual clutter'.

"Visual clutter ...those little things around a room, that we barely even notice, but combined together can make a room look messy, dirty and disorganized".

Imagine a room you can walk into and instantly relax. Often we have trouble falling asleep or settling in. Visual clutter can be the cause. As you put things away, avoid piling items in corners. Instead, aim for a clean and clear space.

Here are some tips by room...


Start with your clothes.

Open up your closet and top drawer.

Fold items and stack them carefully. Place them in drawers organized by item.

Hang up clothes. Tip: Take hangers down and bring them to any piles that need hanging.

Make your bed with fresh linens. Consider replacing pillows.

Keep items you find calming in your sleep space.

Put anything that's not visually relaxing away. Trust me, you'll sleep better.

All rooms

Clear surfaces such as dresser tops and side tables.

If your room lacks storage space, gather items in small trays, storage bins or boxes.

Organize books on shelves by color or size.

If you have more than a few magazines, store them in a basket or rack. Otherwise stack them in a neat pile where you normally sit.

Piles of paper? Don't try to tackle them today. You can place them ALL in one place for today.


Going through one cabinet or drawer at a time is most efficient.

In cabinets with deep spaces try installing pull out bins to claim the back real estate.

Dividers in slender cabinets help to wrangle thin items.

Hanging items or using magnets will allow you see your items more easily.

In the bathroom.

Be sure to keep the counters as clear as possible.

Leave items up top that get used routinely such as toothbrushes.

Clear apothecary jars or small makeup kit you can buy at Target make cute storage for everything from Q-tips to small jewelry collections.

Stow larger items on hooks under the sink or along a wall below counter height.

Examine the items more closely. Do you have any doubles? If so try to combine them. Toss items with the 1/4 inch of product, place useful items you know you’ll need soon in a *back stock area.

If an item is really great but not working for you, give it to a friend to try.

Now that you've worked all four steps, congratulations! Your room or rooms are clean and relaxing. Be sure to enjoy your accomplishments. Have a soak in the tub, or enjoy a warm beverage in your new space.

See you next time for the final step later this to get rid of all that stuff!

Need a hand with decluttering?

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