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A Noob Goes to India

Friday March 8, 2024

I'm at the local airport waiting for my hop to Seattle. This is a hop I've taken many times over the years. When the schedule works it's the best way to get to SeaTac airport.

From there I'm on my way to London. I have a long layover to explore Heathrow Airport.

I'm pretty well traveled but...

Guys, I am a little scared. Tomorrow I fly onto India! India seemed like a little too much, a bit too risky. I didn't plan to go until I roped my high school friend Cecelia in for a reunion adventure trip.

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Just breathe sister. You are in a good place; on a wonderful journey. Take it!


Remember: “Anything I have ever done that was ultimately worthwhile, initially scared me to death!”

Helen Keller

Enjoy your trip!!


Bon Voyage! India will be an exciting adventure!💕

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