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Healthier You




6 Weeks Starting March 1, 2022

About the Course

Are you feeling stuck? Frustrated you can't do the things you could as a younger healthier you? Or are you just tired of not feeling your best? This is the place to set a goal, move beyond your barriers and find ways to achieve a more healthy and happy you! This is the place to start on a wellness journey or just level up. We'll work together and find a healthier, happier you.

This is a small group session limited to 5 students each offering.

What do you get?
1 (1 hour) live workshop to help define your personal goal of choice.
5 weekly check-ins with tips and coaching.
Personal email or chat sessions (up to 2/week).
1 wrap up session to celebrate your success and/or start a new goal.

Your Instructor


I'm Paula, an IIN certified healthy lifestyle coach.

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